TBR Hydration


This powerful complex rehydrates and repowers all your bodily systems greater than any sport drink or water additive.

Some of the additional benefits beyond rehydration may include:

-Increased ATP, “anti-fatigue factor”

-Increased absorption and effect of all supplements

-Speeds up bodily functions and reactions

-Allows cells to absorb nutrients better

-Charges and activates cells

-Increased production of sex hormones

-Increases metabolism of proteins

-Provides the body with more hemoglobin


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TBR Hydration

1.0 FL OZ.

Suggested Use:

As a rehydration formula add 30 drops (3/4 of a dropper) to 1 gallon of water or 2 drops per 8 OZ. Use before, during and after competition or training for best results. For extreme rehydration, athletes may also hold 15-30 drops under tongue for 90 seconds, then swallow.

*Does NOT contain: wheat, gluten, soy corn, yeast, fish, egg, dairy, lactose, artificial colors, flavors or preservatives.

**Note: If you are pregnant or lactacting consult a healthcare practitioner before using this product.

Keep Out of reach of children.

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Weight 1.0 oz


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